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My name is Alyn Ware and I’m a peace educator and nuclear disarmament consultant.

On this blog, I will write about nuclear disarmament, peace education and other things that interest me, including ecology, vegetarianism, sports & peace, prevention of violence.

Recent blog articles

Nuclear threats, common security and disarmament

A reflection on the 35th anniversary of New Zealand’s nuclear weapons ban, and what we can do now to prevent nuclear war and achieve global nuclear abolition. by Alyn Ware* If you have been following the conflict in Ukraine, you will no doubt have noticed that not...

Nuclear weapons and law for the future

Nuclear weapons and law for the future: The application of principles protecting future generations in international tribunals By Alyn Ware* Paper presented at ‘Taking Legal Action on Behalf of Future Generations’, an international conference held from November 17-18,...

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